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Meet a Marketing Expert: Edwin Dearborn of Dearborn Media Group

Today we’ll feature a story of an online career as a marketing expert that is quite a success. Edwin of Dearborn Media Group tells us how he got to where he is now.

Introducing Edwin

Edwin is a marketing expert who was a CEO of a non-profit for 18 years and has also given workshops to over 10,000 professionals over his 25-year tenure as a C-level executive.

Edwin’s new book, Power Branding Secrets will be released in June of 2015 through Amazon and Kindle. A book two years in the making, Power Branding Secrets reveals how any entrepreneur, startup or existing SMB can catapult their brand’s awareness, thus generating more publicity, inbound leads and higher sales.

“Ambition is enthusiasm with a purpose” – Frank Tyger #quote #leadership

— Edwin Dearborn (@edwindearborn) March 25, 2015

Q. Why do you work online?

It gives me the freedom to create the freedom for working for myself, as well as building multiple companies that leverage the opportunities arising with content marketing and curation.

#Branding is not a static activity, Customer service & generating content are more important today for your "brand image" than ever before.

— Edwin Dearborn (@edwindearborn) March 26, 2015

Q. How do you make your money working online?

I am able to attract ideal clientele for either my coaching services or for the various marketing services that we provide for all types of brands. This ranges from branding, to content creation and social media marketing.

Invent the formula for healthy bacon #6WordLifeGoal pic.twitter.com/umRUd5k9q5

— Edwin Dearborn (@edwindearborn) March 26, 2015

Q. What’s your best advice for new online workers?

You must find a market place that lies somewhere in the middle of opportunity and what your most passionate about. This is is a fine balance that can take some time to discover, but it is well worth the search when you do discover how to market yourself and your services online.

You don't need a better website or SEO. You need a sales system that will position you as an authority, thus attracting you ideal clients.

— Edwin Dearborn (@edwindearborn) March 27, 2015

Q. Where do you find the most clients?

My most productive source of clients is still word of mouth from those that I have come into contact with over the years. Speaking to people over the phone or in person is still vital to make any business viable, including online businesses. I also believe that you need to find the social media channel that makes the most sense for you your market place. For me, LinkedIn has been a powerful social media platform to reach out to other professionals.

“Customer-centric and competitively dominant marketing strategies are vital to business success.” – Harvard Business Review

— Edwin Dearborn (@edwindearborn) March 26, 2015

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