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April 23 2015

Meet An Entrepreneur: Brandon Schaefer Of Entice Online Marketing

Today we’ll feature a story of an online career as an entrepreneur that is quite a success. Brandon Schaefer from Entice Online Marketing tells us how he got to where he is now.

Introducing Brandon

Brandon is a master of entrepreneurship, social media marketing, SEO, and mobile search. He is not only a partner at Entice Online Media with Ashley Faulkes, but he also runs the 90 Day Entrepreneur blog.

His motto is “I will personally do anything to help you“. Business or personal, reach out to him directly anytime, and he aims to be a helpful resource and to point you in the proper direction.

His primary focus and number one goal is to help you become more successful in business as fast as possible. How does he help you become more successful? By listening to your concerns and biggest pain points and coming up with immediate and simple solutions for them. If he doesn’t personally know the answer, he bounces the concern or pain point off of his incredible community of entrepreneurs, and gets the best answer back for you.

5 Ways to Immediately Make a Person that You Meet Feel Comfortable http://t.co/nFtEyWmkml pic.twitter.com/VzvGCKGiNU

— Brandon Schaefer (@90DayPro) March 26, 2015

Q. Why do you work online?

I work online because I like the ability to be able to work from anywhere in the world. I also like the ability to have unlimited potential to continue to grow my online business revenues.

Why Your Life as an Entrepreneur is Going to be as Good as You Make It http://t.co/rIHwDXLT45 pic.twitter.com/ftEV9GPT75

— Brandon Schaefer (@90DayPro) March 27, 2015

Q. How do you make your money working online?

I make my money online by selling social media marketing services, SEO services, and local search services. I also invest in businesses, entrepreneurs, and products.

13 #Experts Share What it Takes to Be a Successful #Entrepreneur via @90DayPro blog: http://t.co/XN5DHluU07 pic.twitter.com/EUI531nLzl

— Brandon Schaefer (@90DayPro) March 26, 2015

Q. What’s your best advice for new online workers?

Don’t tip-toe around what service or product you provide to online clients. Be clear and direct with what you offer, as well having calls-to-action in anything that you post online.

Turn Your Hobby Into a Real Business that Makes Money http://t.co/4VfPrQrN7h pic.twitter.com/J3TzSYCptg

— Brandon Schaefer (@90DayPro) March 27, 2015

Q. Where do you find the most clients?

I find most of my clients through my social media marketing channels. I stay active and engaged in conversations on a daily basis. Right now, Twitter is number one in conversions for me.

Two Different Types of Pain You Need to Understand as an Entrepreneur http://t.co/5h64c6nN8r pic.twitter.com/1dKSGWgGlZ

— Brandon Schaefer (@90DayPro) March 27, 2015

April 16 2015

Meet A YouTube Personality: Geneviève Germaine Dubois (GiGi)

Today we’ll feature a story of an online career as a YouTube personality that is quite a success. Geneviève Germaine Dubois from GiGiEatsCelebrities tells us how she got to where she is now.

Introducing Geneviève

Ever since she was a girl, she has used her comedic nature to leave a lasting impression on her audience. Her goal in life is to make people laugh, which is why she aspires to be showcased on television. After completing college and graduating with a BS in broadcast journalism, she ventured out to Los Angeles in order to fight for what she ultimately wants to accomplish.

Q. Why do you work online?

I work on line because I get to be my own boss and create my own schedule and hours that I work each day/week. Sometimes it can be difficult because you tend to mix business with pleasure, but over all working online is ideal.

Q. How do you make your money working online?

I make money through sponsored posts/videos on my blog/YouTube channel. Brands will reach out to me, or I will reach out to brands and discuss collaboration, which translates into monetary gain on my part and promotion of their products to their benefit.

Guess what #celebrity I'm chowing down on at the @WFMLosAngeles #HelloBeauty event?! You're allowed to cheat by che… pic.twitter.com/qgj5E5MjQw

— Geneviève (GiGi) (@Dubagee) March 19, 2015

Q. What’s your best advice for new online workers?

Be patient and don’t expect to make $1000 overnight. Also, be prepared to be faced with a lot of scams. The internet is full of scams and you truly need to read between the lines when it comes to campaigns, surveys, etc that you want to commit to in order to make profit.

Q. Where do you find the most clients?

I actively seek out “clients” or in my case, brands, through twitter, Facebook, Instagram, other blogs, and just through prior knowledge of specific brands that I use and love.

Thank you @WFMlosangeles for this deliciousness! How did you know #salmon is my FAVORITE!? #hellobeauty pic.twitter.com/UYQ6dEPVh5

— Geneviève (GiGi) (@Dubagee) March 18, 2015


Image Credit: GiGiEatsCelebrities

April 12 2015

Online Careerist’s Jobs Digest April 12, 2015

Here are the latest online jobs you can do from anywhere in the world. Happy job hunting!

  • Best Freelance Projects on Freelancer.com 11 April 2015
    Check out some of the most interesting freelance projects found on Freelancer.com today. Consumer-Related Task (Academic Writing) Budget $250 – $750 PHP Developer Required: Budget $30 – $250 Jingle Writing: Budget $30 – $250 Data Entry in Excel: Budget $30 – $250 Build Freelance Website: Budget ₹1500 – ₹12500 Create WordPress Template With Pop-Under: Budget […]
  • Language Learning Blogger – FluentU ($70 for 1200 Words)
    Are you in love with learning foreign languages? Would you like your writing to make an impact on a big audience? And would you like to be part of a team of top-notch language bloggers? Then we have the perfect job for you. We are a startup called FluentU. We help people learn languages through […]
  • SEO Blogger – Syd Writing Services ($10 for 800 words)
    We’re a relatively small group of writers who have combined efforts to take care of overflow work from various clients. Well, we need more help from great writers! We typically pay $10 for an 800-word story, as this is an entry-level gig. Still, it’s great work if you’re looking for a little money on the […]
  • Anthology Contributor – Stories Of Music ($200 Per Submission)
    How has music moved you? Be a part of this one-of-a-kind collection of stories about music and the incredible ways in which it has impacted people’s lives. Submit your work for the Stories of Music multimedia book. Deadline: June 1, 2015 Genres and Styles As a multimedia publication, Stories of Music can include a wide […]
  • Ghostwriter – Gehl Media Inc. (Pay TBA)
    We are looking for a top notch ghost writer that can take our outlines, ideas and transcripts and turn them into eBooks, blog posts and articles. I am looking for someone that has experience in the Internet marketing space and has written for this niche in the past. Would like to find someone that can […]

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April 10 2015

Small business and b

Small business and blogging tips & how to's at DavidStilesBlog.com

April 09 2015

Meet An SEO Consultant: Giuseppe Pastore

Today we’ll feature a story of an online career as an SEO consultant that is quite a success. Giuseppe Pastore tells us how he got to where he is now.

About Giuseppe

I’m an SEO consultant working for both big brands and small businesses. I also run a few my own side projects. In my spare time I contribute to the industry blogging and participating to round ups and interviews.

Q. Why do you work online?

My story is quite strange, to be honest. I wrote about it on my website (you can read the details here),

But summarizing, I’m an ex electronics engineer who has decided to work as an SEO and Online Marketing consultant after having had success in ranking his own thriller novels’ website. I wasn’t happy projecting printed boards circuits whilst I’m very happy doing SEO for clients and working on my own projects, that now spread across different niches.

I’m in the online industry since 2007 and in these years have broaden my interests: blogging, technical SEO, content marketing, affiliated marketing, social media, conversion rate optimization, web analytics.

Do you agree? http://t.co/q7521voSR0 Can you really say you're an #SEO? Too easy, mate. Be sure to read these 10 experts' opinions first…

— Giuseppe Pastore (@Zen2Seo) March 17, 2015

Q. How do you make your money working online?

My earnings come from different sources. First of all, I learnt that’s important to put all your eggs in one basket.

Now I get money from people wanting to be promoted on my sites (banners, sponsored reviews/interviews), Adsense, affiliation programs (Amazon, Tradedoubler), SEO/web marketing consulting, and I’m launching a private website (paid access to content).

Anyone noticing Panda recoveries? I'm working on a site hit in Apr 2014 (-35%) whose traffic's slowly returned to the previous volume

— Giuseppe Pastore (@Zen2Seo) March 16, 2015

Q. What’s your best advice for new online workers?

I’ll give three tips.

1) Learn how to bring qualified traffic to your content/service and try different channels without relying on a particular one: from basic SEO, to paid search, facebook ads, guest posting.

2) Connect with people and pay attention to influencers that can help spreading your voice

3) Build an email list from day one, or better day zero, even before your site is launched. Your subscribers will be there forever if you offer value.

Do you agree? http://t.co/q7521voSR0 Can you really say you're an #SEO? Too easy, mate. Be sure to read these 10 experts' opinions first…

— Giuseppe Pastore (@Zen2Seo) March 17, 2015

Q. Where do you find the most clients?

I don’t actively search for clients. Regarding consulting, some of them arrive through my own website looking for Italian SEO on International/multilanguage websites/projects. Others come from friends/colleagues/clients referring me to their contact.

Regarding sponsors on my websites, a great part of my incomes derives from search visibility that appeal people to buy banners/services.

My advice is “choose your niche and stand out“: people will arrive without searching for them.

http://t.co/MEvdTJdwKd 19 SEO Experts Take On: Getting Good Links Alone (Without Link Disavowal) Can Remove Penguin Penalty via @venchito14

— Giuseppe Pastore (@Zen2Seo) February 25, 2015

April 05 2015

Online Careerist’s Jobs Digest April 5, 2015

Here are the latest online jobs you can do from anywhere in the world. Happy job hunting!

  • Writer – Narrative Magazine ($350 For 2000 Words)
    Narrative Magazine looks for submissions year-round. Rates for work —$150 for a Story of the Week, with $400 each for the annual Top Five Stories of the Week. —$150 to $350 for 500 to 2,000 word manuscripts. —$350 to $1,000 for 2,000 to 15,000 word manuscripts. —Rates for book-length works vary, depending on the length […]
  • Plumbing Trade Magazine Writer ($25-$50 Per Article)
    A publishing company is seeking a freelance writer for human interest trade journal articles related to the plumbing, heating, and cooling industry. Pay is $25-50 per article. A 57 year-old publishing company is seeking a freelance writer for articles to appear in one of our trade journals. We provide material so no independent research is […]
  • Ghost Blogger – Florida Website Design (Pay TBA)
    I am looking for an experienced writer who is very well versed and up to the trends on topics such as SEO, PPC, Websites, Mobile Application Technologies, Design. This will be a Ghost Blog. I am looking for long blog posts and very thorough content. Content with facts, latest trends, what’s going to be happening […]

March 31 2015

How to Use MailChimp

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Top Five Tips For Wo

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6 ways for you to pr

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March 19 2015

Voici 6 profils ty

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March 01 2015

How To Share Your Social Media Passwords Safely

February 27 2015

Want to extend the s

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How Businesses Can U

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Do you ask yourself

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February 25 2015

Why promoting your b

Why promoting your blog or business in a natural way will help you grow, plus some ideas to help you get started.
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